A Brief and Curious History of Drinking Water Fountains

It’s time for Drinking Water Fountains to take you on a historical timeline. Ever wondered where drinking fountains derived from or how they emerged? Well, let us enlighten you. It is believed that an early example of a water fountain dates back to around 3000 BC. This water fountain was found in Mesopotamia. The drinking […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains for Schools

Children’s hydration is important as their bodies lose typically more water than adults. Children spend majority of their day at school which gives schools the opportunity to enhance and support the importance of drinking water. We all know that children are generally very active especially during break periods and in class (even when they are […]Read More

Pros Of Having A Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide range of water dispensers that are sure to provide numerous types of environments with refreshing drinking water. Drinking fountains come in different sizes and shapes as well as functionalities. From floor standing models to wall mounted units, we are sure to have a long term hydration solution […]Read More

Your One Stop Shop For Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains supplies an extensive range of specialised drinking water solutions. We have over a decade of experience in supplying customers who are seeking to install lasting drinking fountains in their respective facilities. Indoor Drinking Fountains We offer an extensive range of indoor drinking water solutions tailored to suit a variety of different requirements. […]Read More

We Supply Drinking Fountain Spare Parts

Looking for affordable and reliable drinking water fountain spare parts? As our name suggests, we supply everything when it comes to your drinking fountain. At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of drinking fountain parts to customers across the UK. Not only do we offer an extensive online store of […]Read More

Did You Know We Rent Drinking Water Fountains?

Drinking water fountains are increasingly becoming a popular installation in both recreational and educational environments. The convenience of having water readily available and easy to access is a necessity in public areas. We offer the largest selection of outdoor drinking fountains in the UK including floor standing and wall mounted units. Our indoor drinking water […]Read More

The Importance of a Water Filter

We offer a variety of drinking fountain water filters. Their function is to filter mains water before it goes through the drinking fountain to ensure that the water consumed is free of contaminants. Water filters are an important element for a water fountain, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We supply customers with two main […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

Did you know that a fifth of UK school children drink no water and 10% of schools lack drinking water facilities? The importance of having easily accessible drinking water fountains at schools has been a rising factor. There are various reasons as to why this is a growing problem. Luckily, there is a solution which […]Read More

Public Sector Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains offer customers the widest range of long term hydration solutions which are available for rent or straight up purchase. We pride ourselves in offering our customers across the UK with quality drinking fountains and exceptional customer services. The Public Sector Is Our Speciality We specialise in installing and maintaining drinking water fountains […]Read More

Oasis Drinking Fountains

  Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Oa sis drinking fountains and water coolers. Oasis established its business over 100 years ago in both the United Kingdom and Europe. This well recognized brand can now be found worldwide and provides top of the range bottled and plumbed-in coolers as well as filtration equipment, non-refrigerated drinking […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Outdoor drinking fountains are popular in areas of high usage like schools, colleges, sport facilities, gyms or hospitals. Outdoor drinking fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from classic to modern architectural styles. Some models even chill and filter the mains fed water. Water drinking fountains are often made from durable […]Read More

Water Fountains and Public Health

Drinking Water Fountains are one of the leading suppliers of high quality water related products in the UK which includes indoor and outdoor water fountains. We’ve outlined the benefits of installing a drinking fountain and addressed common concerns related to hygiene and safety to help you choose the right water fountain for you. Water fountains […]Read More

Schools Need More Outdoor Drinking Fountains to Combat Obesity

Children’s health continues to be at the center of much discussion amongst many stakeholders, including parents, teachers, government bodies and health practitioners. An overwhelming 33% and 25% of girls and boys, respectively, are said to be obese and to cost the country an astounding 2 billion annually. One argument is that young children aren’t drinking […]Read More
beautiful water drinking fountains

Drinking Water Fountains… Or Works of Art?

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we love water. We also border on mildly obsessed when it comes to drinking water fountains. And we love to discover creative fountains that can easily double as works of art! Water from outdoor drinking fountains is free and reduces the negative impact of environmentally unfriendly plastics in the form […]Read More
water drinking fountains schools pupils

Can Drinking Water Fountains be Safe in Schools?

As most of you know, the news has recently been set alight by the story of a nine-year-old boy who was granted – and then lost – a pay-out of £3 215 after cutting himself on a drinking water fountain when his seven-year-old brother moved out of the way of his fist. While the internet […]Read More
Outdoor Drinking Fountains for schools

Outdoor Drinking Fountains for schools

We were recently passed this image of an outdoor drinking fountain for schools in South Africa – a real triumph of ingenuity over cost. We think that the design of this particular outdoor drinking fountain could be improved slightly but the main elements are all in place. Perhaps more of a soakaway for waste water […]Read More
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Water fountains – style AND substance!

We all know the health benefits that having a drinking water fountain at home can bring. But it can also add a bit of style to your home, office or outside space. The drinking water fountains on offer today are contemporary, sleek and stylish. Far from being a clumsy looking appliance to hide away, they […]Read More
WaterDog drinking water fountain

WaterDog fountain for furry friends

Drinking Water Fountains sells top quality products to ensure that people are able to have a fresh drink of water whenever they need one. But what about our four-legged friends? In the hot summer months, dogs can suffer from dehydration, just like we can. Unless dog owners are mind-readers and know exactly when they want […]Read More

Jointhepipe builds new networks and Vitens have joined forces to provide clean water across the globe. is a non-profit organisation which aims to ensure fair distribution of drinking water worldwide, as well as to discourage the usage of bottled water. At Aquatech, a trade show for water technology in Amsterdam, and Vitens signed a Memorandum of […]Read More

Drinking water fountain spare parts

Drinking water fountains offer spare parts for All makes and models of drinking water fountain including Oasis , Halsey Taylor, Elkay, Acorn Powell, Murdock and many others. You can call or email us with the model number and we can help you identify the part you need or you can email us a photograph and […]Read More

outdoor fountains

Here at Drinking Water Fountains we are proud to offer the Halsey Taylor range of external drinking water fountains. These fountains offer a great amount of flexibility, ranging from small compact wall mounted basins through to mighty triple-arm bottle filling stations. All fountains are available in a variety of finishes so there is sure to […]Read More

Drinking water fountains in parks

Drinking water fountains are pleased to offer the Halsey Taylor range of external drinking water fountains.These are ideal for use in parks as they are very robust and in most cases vandal proof. There is a huge range of models available including models with bottle drinking stations,Disabled access fountains and even models with a pet […]Read More

Royal Parks fountain restoration

Tiffany and Co. Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a $1.25 million gift to the Royal Parks Foundation (USA), a charity established to enable America to support the natural history and heritage of London’s Royal Parks. The programme, called Tiffany – Across the Water, focuses on ornamental and drinking fountains in the capital’s eight […]Read More

Halsey Taylor Hydro-Boost

Drinking Water fountains is proud to introduce the Hydro-boost bottle filling station to its range.This innovative fountain offers hygienic touch free operation with 30 second automatic shut off timer and a quick fill rate of 1.5 gallons per hour.The Hydro-boost is available in both chilled and un-chilled models and can be integrated with one of our […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains – Chamonix

Another entry in the series of water fountains from around the world. This time from Chamonix, France. Two drinking water fountains in the village of Les Houches. For any more photos please email us on More

Drinking fountains in Bratislava

After our boss Rob has come back from his holiday from Slovakia, he started to show pictures of the City. But as we are very interested to see pictures of the Bratislava, the only pictures Rob took were the pictures of different types of drinking fountain. They seem to be spread everywhere in the Old […]Read More

Water fountains get fancy

Back in the day, outdoor drinking fountains were everywhere, they were vital for the wellbeing of the public and were often the only way to quench the thirst of the villages. They were often a very simple design, nothing too crazy, just a concrete slab with a hole for the water to come out of. […]Read More

Concrete Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Concrete water fountains are getting increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor locations. They provide a filtered, clean and cold drink of water for everyone. Drinking water fountains are generally used at pools, schools, campuses, parks, patios, campsites, sports arenas, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, indoor and outdoor malls, offices, theaters and public gardens. When looking […]Read More

Outstanding Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are a vital part of any outdoor space, whether it’s a park, public swimming pool or your very own backyard. understands the importance of having high quality water fountains available for people in any environment to access,  and is pleased to announce the three outdoor drinking fountains that are stocked by […]Read More

Children need outdoor drinking water fountains

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) are urging local authorities to provide adequate drinking water in all UK parks to ensure children have access to free drinking water. They argue that due to the lack of outdoor drinking fountains in parks, “children often have to go thirsty or visit ice cream vans, shops or take-aways where […]Read More

Outdoor drinking fountains a hit with celebs

People all over the world are realising the health benefits of drinking water fountains, not only for their worklife but also their home life. Water coolers are installed in housed all across the United Kingdom every day and now we are seeing an increase in the amount of outdoor drinking fountains being installed in parks, […]Read More

Making cities healthier with outdoor drinking fountains

With obesity and heart disease on the rise, it’s important we start taking care of ourselves and the city we live in to ensure the future of the next generation. We can all do simple things to improve our lifestyles and make them more lustrious and healthy, things such as walking or riding a bike to the […]Read More

Looking for an outdoor drinking fountain?

Drinking water fountains are no longer only required inside in homes and offices, they are extremely vital to any park, outdoor play/pool area and especially alongside outdoor sports fields and basketball and tennis courts to rehydrate players. If you are looking into purchasing or renting one or some outdoor drinking fountains for an outdoor area there […]Read More

We need more outdoor drinking fountains

Back in the day it was quite common for people in the village to all gather around the village drinking fountain for their daily chat as well as for a swift drink on their way through town. Now with so many germaphobes running around, people are less inclined to drink from outdoor drinking fountains even […]Read More

Top Three Most Beautiful Water Fountains in the World

TOP THREE MOST BEAUTIFUL WATER FOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD Water fountains were originally created for functionality, to supply water for drinking or to bathe in. In Ancient Rome they started to create water fountains for aesthetic and decorative purposes in courtyards and gardens. Now there are many types of water fountains in the world, drinking […]Read More

Sustain and Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) launched on Friday its new initiative to encourage councils to increase the provision of drinking water in parks through the use of drinking water fountains. As the school holidays start the Children’s Food Campaign have launched a national  campaign to improve drinking water provision in public parks.  After playing in […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain Options

OUTDOOR DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS was founded to provide customers with the widest selection and options for drinking water fountains in the UK. Increasingly we find that one of the largest issues facing architects is sourcing suitable fountains for outdoor facilities – and increasingly they are becoming an essential item within education facilities. We offer […]Read More
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