Are Public Water Fountains Hygienic?

At common areas like parks, gyms, schools or universities its essential that there are easily accessible water solutions. However, many people question whether it’s sanitary to use a public drinking water fountain as so many people have used it before you have. We are about to explain the dirty and not so dirty truth. Debunking […]Read More

A Brief and Curious History of Drinking Water Fountains

It’s time for Drinking Water Fountains to take you on a historical timeline. Ever wondered where drinking fountains derived from or how they emerged? Well, let us enlighten you. It is believed that an early example of a water fountain dates back to around 3000 BC. This water fountain was found in Mesopotamia. The drinking […]Read More

Water Fountains and Public Health

Drinking Water Fountains are one of the leading suppliers of high quality water related products in the UK which includes indoor and outdoor water fountains. We’ve outlined the benefits of installing a drinking fountain and addressed common concerns related to hygiene and safety to help you choose the right water fountain for you. Water fountains […]Read More

The Health Benefits of Soda Water for Kids and Professionals

Children and professionals often see sparkling water as a more enticing option, with its refreshing effervescence that gives it a leg up on regular still water. Not only does sparkling soda water do the job when it comes to keeping people hydrated, but it can also have some other benefits as a result of its […]Read More
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How to Tell if Your Water Supply is Safe for Drinking

When it comes to healthy living, there are so many considerations that need to be taken. Everything you do, from the food you eat to how long you sit at a desk every day and the type of water you drink is surrounded by all sorts of opinions, research and fads. When it comes to […]Read More
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Drinking Water Fountains… Or Works of Art?

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we love water. We also border on mildly obsessed when it comes to drinking water fountains. And we love to discover creative fountains that can easily double as works of art! Water from outdoor drinking fountains is free and reduces the negative impact of environmentally unfriendly plastics in the form […]Read More
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Fancy fountains for the Royal Parks

The Royal Parks in London are beautiful public spaces for visitors from across the world. As such, it is vital that free and fresh clean drinking water is available for these visitors. The Royal Parks Foundation decided that it did not just want any fountains though, and launched a competition for people to submit their […]Read More
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Association promotes use of drinking fountains

Drinking Water Fountains tremendously value the importance of the product that we sell. And we are not the only ones! The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association was established in 1859. The main objectives of the Association are to promote the provision of drinking water for both people and animals. Its work focuses not […]Read More
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London’s best drinking water fountains

There are many beautiful drinking water fountains across London, but Time Out, a go-to guide for London, has compiled a list of their five favourites, to make it easier for you to stay hydrated wherever you are in the capital! 1 The Freeman Family Fountain, Hyde Park, W1 Standing on a plinth of granite, this polished […]Read More
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Who invented the drinking water fountain?

The modern drinking fountain was invented and manufactured in the early 1900s by two men: Halsey Willard Taylor with the Halsey Taylor Company; and Luther Haws with the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Co. These two companies changed how water was served in public places. Taylor’s father had died of typhoid fever caused by contaminated public drinking […]Read More

Trevi Fountain in Rome loses leaves

Several decorative pieces have fallen off the Trevi Fountain in Rome, raising the alarm that one of the eternal city’s most famous structures needs a new major restoration. Stone laurel leaves fell from the top frieze of the fountain, which marks the terminal point of one of the aqueducts that brought drinking water to ancient […]Read More
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City’s historic drinking fountain is restored

Lichfield District Council has set about restoring an historic drinking fountain in the city. Lichfield District Council is using funding secured from city developers to clean and restore the Serjeantson Fountain on Greenhill in Lichfield. Contractors dug out the fountain and pump stone on Wednesday 23 May, and took them away so they could receive […]Read More
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Public fountains to help the environment

ParknPool, an American company, have joined forces with GlobalTap to ensure that the public have access to fresh drinking water at all times, whilst also promoting reusable bottles and deterring people from purchasing bottled water. GlobalTap is an eco-friendly organisation whose aim is to ensure access to clean, safe drinking water across the globe, alongside […]Read More
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Historic fountain gets a royal revamp

An historic public drinking fountain is in line for a facelift to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The 115-year-old fountain went up on Whitburn village green in 1897 for the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign. Now the community wants to refurbish the ageing monument to its former glory in time for the Diamond Jubilee. […]Read More

Sussex town installs public drinking water fountain

A West Sussex town has turned on a new outdoor drinking fountain as part of its campaign to persuade people to drink tap water rather than bottled water. The fountain has been installed on the quay in Arundel for everyone to use. Arundel Agenda 21, the community group behind the initiative, has also designed a reusable “collapsible […]Read More

Bath introduces new public water fountains

The first of ten new public drinking fountains will be installed in Bath next month. A business-backed community project has also persuaded Sir James Dyson to design a stainless steel drinking bottle for the city. Love Tap Water (LTW) has been launched by three local women in a move aimed at turning the tide against plastic […]Read More

Time for a public fountain revival

Nancy Stoner, the Acting Assistant Administrator for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water, recently spoke out about the disappearance of outdoor fountains in public places over the last several decades. She noted that when we lose fountains, we also lose “public knowledge about the importance of investing in drinking water systems, which provide dependable, affordable […]Read More

Public Drinking Water Fountains – New Zealand

Our intrepid reports have been enjoying a holiday in New Zealand and found a trulely stylish fountain in Queenstown. This fountain from a company called Street Furniture – – offers a unique style with the water drain integrated into the very design.Read More

New York High Line Drinking Water Fountains

A great example of public drinking water fountains installed as part of a building project in New York city. The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by […]Read More

Tomlinson Industries Products

Drinking water fountains is now a distributor for the Tomlinson products. These products include the Pro-flo range of Bubbler valves and cartridges in addition to a huge range of glassbottle filling taps. Bubbler valves generally contain a cartridge that periodically fail causing the button to leak. Many people think that all bubbler cartridges are the […]Read More

Installation of outdoor drinking water fountains

Drinking water fountains has undertaken the installation of many outdoor drinking water fountains throughout the UK . From basic wall mounted models through to the mighty Halsey Taylor Bottle filling stations. Our team will look after your project from the planning stage through to completion. A member of our knowledgeable staff is always just a […]Read More

The Tropism Well – Innovative New Drinking Fountain Design

While browsing through the news this week one story caught our eye and captured our imaginations – an article about the innovative new drinking fountain designed by Poietic Studio – which they call the Tropism Well. The design is certainly unlike any drinking fountain we have ever seen, and it makes use of the “natural laws […]Read More

Perranporth Memorial Water Fountain

We recently helped a client who was in need of all the parts for a drinking water fountain so that they could have a stonemason craft their own casing for the parts, making a unique fountain. The Perranporth Golf Club came to us after one of the clubs long standing members had sadly passed away.  After […]Read More

Water fountains get fancy

Back in the day, outdoor drinking fountains were everywhere, they were vital for the wellbeing of the public and were often the only way to quench the thirst of the villages. They were often a very simple design, nothing too crazy, just a concrete slab with a hole for the water to come out of. […]Read More

We need more outdoor drinking fountains

Back in the day it was quite common for people in the village to all gather around the village drinking fountain for their daily chat as well as for a swift drink on their way through town. Now with so many germaphobes running around, people are less inclined to drink from outdoor drinking fountains even […]Read More

The Hydrachill Drinking Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains were notified over the weekend of the first installation in the proposed London-wide scheme from the Mayor, to provide Drinking Water Fountains at more points across the city of London. The promised public drinking water fountains have mutated into glorified vending machines as you can see – not really any form on […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in The Times were pleased to be asked to comment by The Times regarding the recent installation of a public drinking water fountain in Hyde Park. The article is shown to the right and is available to be downloaded from our website by clicking on the link –   the-times-drinking-water-fountains-24092009. The Times article was commenting on the unveiling […]Read More

Environmental benefits of public drinking water fountains

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF PUBLIC DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS People can use it to fill up their bottles. Summers are getting hotter – 2008 was the 10th hottest year on record – and it means people can fill up with good clean mains water free and save some money. For more images of drinking water fountains installed […]Read More
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