Custom Drinking Fountains

Custom Stone Drinking FountainCustom drinking fountains are most often found in areas where either design or functionality mean that customers require a unique drinking fountain solution.

Some of these custom design drinking water fountains are imported from specialist fountain providers in other areas of the world. Some are simply tailored from their initial design all the way through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Many of the modern drinking fountains are fabricated from high grade stainless steel whereas others are still produced in stone.

Many existing drinking fountains that were installed during past civic regeneration programs have over the years been neglected. Many of these are in prominent public places such as parks and city center squares. We offer assistance to groups looking to audit the state of a current fountain, install new internal parts and then with the setup of a suitable maintenance program.

Drinking fountains have now regained a position within the heart of a central civic space. Others within the regeneration programs of parks are used as a central feature/function at the heart of the redevelopment.

For clients looking to install a new drinking fountain, we plan our projects and work alongside the architects/town planners by looking at the nature of the site while keeping in mind the functionality of the fountain. We work with suppliers from across the world and a variety of manufacturers who are willing to develop a fountain for a specific purpose.

We work alongside clients in finding solutions specific to their needs. Please contact us by emailing for further information on the bespoke drinking water fountain services we offer.