Enki Drinking Water Fountain

The Enki Water fountain is the result of a design partnership between The Wodor Group in Denmark and Jacob Jensen design.

Wodor Group is a Danish production and export company, specialized in bottleless water coolers and the Enki is their leading model which has been exported all around the world. The Enki was first brought to the UK in 2009 by The Water Cooler Company – a sister company of DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk, and has since become one of the leading water fountains available to the customers.

The Enki distinguishes itself through superior design and materials. It is the first water fountain in the world that has been designed to be operated from two sides, through two elegant finger touch displays. In the centre of the cooler, a soft glow lights up above the water dispenser at the top of the cooler.

The drinking fountain is made from the best possible materials – from high grade stainless steel through to a top of the range UV filtration system. A further innovative feature of the Enki is that it can look great stood in the middle of room rather than the typical water cooler which needs to be against a wall. The external power supply and water input enter the water cooler through the base of the unit.

Potential customers are invited to download and view the Enki Water Fountain Brochure or look at the video below to get a better idea of the style that the Enki brings to the often maligned world of drinking water coolers and fountains.

Customers can also view all these images on our Picassa account or simply call us and we will email you across all the relevant information on the Enki.