Troubleshooting Drinking Water Fountains

Our troubleshooting drinking water fountains series of blogs are to help our customers and others with common problems that occur with drinking fountains and simple ways to solve them.

Over the last six years we have encountered and solved most issues that can occur with drinking fountains. There are a number of basic troubleshooting guides which we wanted to share with the world.

If you get lost troubleshooting your drinking fountain please feel very free to contact us directly. We have a considerable amount of experience within our technical staff and if we are unable to direct you over the phone we can always arrange to visit your office and help in the flesh.

For many issues with drinking fountains you may need some spare parts and accessories. To ensure the long term integrity of your drinking fountain we strongly recommend one of our “Total Fountain Care” packages.

Please use the links below to discover basic troubleshooting tips. If you require more detailed information please email or call 0845 500 4455.