Water Filters

brita-water-cooler-logoDrinking Water Fountain Filters

DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk offers a wide range of water filters that are suitable for customers to install and service on a six monthly basis to ensure the integrity of the water supply from their water fountain. Please note that for many water fountains the usage of water filters is recommended but not essential. We supply customers with two mains choices of filtration for their water cooler. Both types of filter are available as water cooler filters with housing (all customers will need housing initially to plumb the filter into the water fountain) or simply replacement water cooler filters.

Omnipure One Micron Water Cooler Filter – Our Omnipure filters provide customers with one micron replacement filters which can be easily replaced by customers. Filters on water coolers should be changed every six months to ensure the integrity of the water cooler.

Brita 0.5 Micron Water Cooler Filter – Brita filters provide a higher level of filtration. For full details on the Brita Water cooler filters specification please view our Brita filtration blog entry.


Brita Water Filter

When you select a water fountain we will offer you either of these options. The Brita option is an upgrade option if customers rent a water fountain from us – for purchase options please see the pricing below.

Single replacment filter – £25 ex VAT
Water filter and filter housing – £40 ex VAT


Purchase Price for Brita Filters

Single replacment filter – £60 ex VAT
Water filter and filter housing – £80 ex VAT





Other filter options including scale guard filters are also available through us on a next working day dispatch basis – for our complete stock list of water filters please look at www.thewaterfiltercompany.com. Delivery is free for orders over £50 and otherwise costs £7.00 for next working day courier delivery.